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Trafalgar Square- London, England.

My trip to London! :)

What a crazy weekend! Two Halloween parties featuring kitty Alee and dead Alee. Tonight was the Guy Fawkes celebration which includes a torch led procession to a HUGE bonfire and fireworks. There must have been 50,000 people there. Also featured in this post, my friends Holly and Davidson!

Winchester, UK

Winchester, UK

// Update 10/3/13//

I can’t believe in a few days I will already have been gone for 2 months! In the past few weeks I have been settling down in my room and gearing up to start all of my classes. Two are media studies, examining culture and theory behind mass culture and advertising and branding. The other two are design based classes and as usual with those classes I have my work cut out for me!! Winchester is a wonderful little town, and I have quickly grown close to three of the other girls from Southern Oregon University, as we live on the same floor and we go do pretty much any social activity together. The weather here is odd to say the least. You can never tell how cold or warm it is by just looking out the window. Some days it will be sunny and freezing out, and others it will be raining but you don’t even need a jacket! It’s also a little bit more humid here so I’ve been rocking some quite curly hair, as I am afraid to plug my straightener into the wall sockets and fry it. I’ve joined the yoga and zumba society (club) here on campus and have been enjoying being active in a way that I am at home. They are also quite popular events so I’ve met quite a few Brits at those meetings. Thursday nights here is student night down in town, and all the students head down to the pubs on the High Street, the main street in town that is closed off to cars. There is a pub there that first opened in the year 1052 can you believe that?! I have been quite swarmed with reading and exercises for my class so I haven’t had much time to go out and take photos but I promise there will be more to come!

Adventures in Winchester! I can’t believe I’m here! Text post to follow.